#TBT: Thanksgiving (and first post!)

Chispi-giving 2012
Thanksgiving 2012. No adorable chihuahuas were harmed, or eaten, during the photoshoot.

Happy Thanksgiving to our readers!

I’ve been gone from home for four Thanksgiving holidays now. And as more time passes, I guess, the less I miss the holiday. Don’t get me wrong; of course I miss my family, and eating delicious Puerto Rican holiday food, but it has just being away from the US and Puerto Rico, has gotten me think about what Thanksgiving means to me.

We all grew up with the same story; learning about how the Pilgrims wanted to celebrate their first harvest in the New World after landing at Plymouth Rock, along with their Native American friends to have a three day feast. And if you grew up in a protestant household, like me, it was a day to give thanks to the Lord for all of our blessings. As we grow older, we start to learn more about what actually might’ve happened 400-ish years ago on Thanksgiving.

But, I’m not here to get political (yet). Thanksgiving has always been a day to pretty much get together and eat, in my family…we’d especially splurge on the desserts, on my dad’s side of the family, at least. I remember my cousin was was studying to become a pastry chef, so he’d always show off his cheesecake skills. My stepmom would make flan and pie. And I did my part as well — I used to buy 3 to 4 dozen boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts to take to all these gatherings, because I happened to live next to one of the only two locations in the island. There’s a lot of music, and eating, and a little dancing…and more eating. Btw, Puerto Rican Thanksgiving is very different from US Thanksgiving. And not that I’m biased, or anything, but it kicks ass 😜 Wait ’til you see our Christmas dinners…but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Since living in Barcelona, I’ve maybe celebrated “Friends-giving” twice. We’ve pretty much used it as an excuse for my non-US friends and I to get together, and have an International feast. We’ve had espagueti verde, causa, arroz con gandules, etc. *drools* So, the only “traditional” custom we follow are to get together, and to eat. And that’s pretty much what I think is so beautiful about Thanksgiving. It has the power to bring everyone together (through food😂).


Until next time. Adeu,

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